GRIFONAS SA is an industrial metal constructions company, founded in 1989 ,

based in Neochorouda , Thessaloniki , Greece .

We specialize in :

1. Stackable racks for leaf tobacco and tyre storing companies

We are a leading manufacturer of metal constructions for Greek and multinational leaf tobacco treatment companies and also in the construction of tobacco processing auxiliary machinery. GRIFONAS SA is the actual initiator of the idea of “palletizing” commercial tobacco bales andvillage bales. Over 65000 stackable racks have been constructed and about 75% of our production covered the needs of Greek based companies. The rest 25% have been shippedto other countries, mainly Turkey but also to Albania , Bulgaria , FYROM , and Spain .

Additional to experience , another advantage in construction of GRIFONAS SA tobacco racks is the adaptability of the company to customer needs, according to his specific warehousing conditions (height ,ventilation etc ), bale sizes, specific needs for storing village bales, needs for transporting empty or fully loaded racks.

In 2008 we adapted our racks to the needs of tyre storage depots . Our racks are designed specially to fit storage of car, semi trail and truck tyres of all sizes . They are also suitable for storage of industrial and agricultural machinery tyres .

GRIFONAS SA racks are made from steel square or rectangular hollow section and paint coatings can range from normalacrylic coatings to non-toxic coatings in compliance to FDA regulations andspecifications.

2. Industrial metal constructions

We mainly work as subcontractors for leading Greek construction companies, manufacturing and erecting metal framed industrial warehouses , convention centers , motorvehicle showrooms , football stadiums etc .

We constructed ,using I-beams and HEB beams, the supporting frame for two Greek railways traintunnels 3,5km and 1,6km length respectively .

We also manufacture, for leading Greek cell phone companies, prefabricated containers forinstallation of equipment for signal relay antennas.

3. Waste transportation equipment.

We recently branched in construction of waste transportation equipment, such as skips and roll on/off containers of various shapes and sizes from 5m3 to 35m3 . Next to our normal production we also manufacture according to customer specifications accommodating all needs  .We also produce tilting and drop bottom waste containers of various sizes and capacities.

Our continuous growth is based on

1. Product quality

2. Full compliance to the strictest safety rules

3. Innovative approach to new products and

4. Non negotiable professional ethics.

Contact person :

          George  Konstantinou  
          Managing Director
        Mechanical Engineer M. Sc.
        GSM +306937070035

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